Punju Peacock


Pauline started making Baby-Safe Bunnies with sewn faces and no chewable bits for babies to chew on. They turned out to be so popular at markets that she moved on to ‘mass-production’. That’s where the FACTORY bit comes from in Funky Friends Factory!

Specific Requirements:
Main Fabric (blue), 38cm x 55cm (15″ x 22″)
Feet & Beak, (Red/Pink) 23cm x 55cm (9″ x 22″)
Wing fabric, (Green) 30cm x 23cm (12″ x 9″)
Tail fabric, 18cm x 55cm (7″ x 22″)
Quilt batting for tail, 18cm x 30cm (7″x 12″)
Safety Eyes, (green or brown) 9mm (1/2″)
Purple ribbon for head 5mm x 35cm (14″)

Pick up from Clyde North Victoria available by appointment. See Shipping